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ancient vs. modern plovdiv: best of both.

Points of interest

Points of interest

-in the city


archeological / historical heritage:

The old town    – 10 min. by walk

Roman theatre – 10 min. by walk

Roman stadium – 10 min. by walk

Ruins of Forum – 15 min. by walk

Ruins of Odeon – 15 min. by walk

Muslim mosque Djumaya – 10 min. by walk

Turkish bath Chifte banya – 5 min. by walk

Clock tower – 10 min. by walk

Archeological compex Irene – 10 min. by walk

The big and the small basilicas – 20 min. by walk

Roman aqueduct – 30 min. by walk


We recommend:

A walk in the Old town, visiting the renaissance houses Balabanova, Danova, Kuyumdjieva, Chomakova, Antoniadi, Georgiadi, Lamartin, Nedkovich, Hindilyan;

A visit of the Roman stadium with the 3D cinema in it, recalling the stadium infrastructure and the most popular sport activities, held in it, and giving idea of the life of Roman Philipopol in the period I-IV century.



Ethnographic museum

Historic museum

Archeological museum

Fine art museum

Museum of natural science

Museum Zlatyu Boiadjiev

Museum of aviation


We recommend:

A visit of the Ethnographic museum in the Kuyumdjieva house-museum, national monument of culture, a masterpiece of the baroque architecture and

Balabanova house-museum, emblematic for the Plovdiv culture life, stage for lots of theatre, concert, exibition and literature events.



Monument/square of  Bulgaria’s reunion Saedinenie – 2 min. by walk

Monument of the Soviet army Alyosha – 5 min. by walk

Russian monument – 5 min. by walk

Monument of Philip II Macedon – 10 min. by walk


We recommend:

A visit of the nearby Saedinenie ( Reunion ) square and monument and a learn about the period after Bulgarian independence from Ottoman empire and the reunion of the two devided parts of Bulgaria in 19th century, which ideological and orgazational center was Plovdiv.



St Мother of God

St Constantin and Elena

St Dimitar

St Marina

St Ludvik catholic cathedral

Sourp Kevork Armenian Apostolic church

Djumaia muslim mosque

Imaret muslim mosque


We recommend:

A visit of St Constantin and Elena church in the Old town with the remarkable performances of the wood carving from the renaisance period and St Marina church – one of the oldest in the town;

A visit of Djumaya medieval muslim mosque – one of the oldest and biggest muslim temples on the Balkans.



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