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ancient vs. modern plovdiv: best of both.

About the city

About the city

past –

Plovdiv is considered as one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe and the world, with earliest evidence of a settlement dates back to 6000 BC, contemporary with Troy and Mycenae, older than Rome and Athens. It has been owned during the centuries by many peoples – firstly known as settlement Kendros, fortified by the Thracians as city Evmolpia, conquered by the Macedon Philip II and named after him Philipopolis, aferwards by the Romans, who made Trimontium ( also Ulpia, Flavia, Iulia, but finally again Philipopolis ) center of Trakia Romana region of the Roman Emire; Byzantines, Bulgarians and slavs ( Pulpudeva, Paldin, Ploudin, Plavdiv ); Ottoman turks, who put Filibe on the border of the Orient; until Plovdiv of the modern times, after reaching of Bulgarian independence in 19th century.


present –

The geographic location of the city – between East and West; the multiethnic population – bulgarians, armenians, turks, jews and migrants from europen countries, the religion communities’ variety – orthodox christians, catholics, muslims, jews; the great historical, cultural, architectural heritage, contribute to the city’s art and eclectic multicultural ambience. The archeological monuments and historical sites, museums, theatres, parks, art zones with workshops and galleries, restaurants and coffee bars, sport and leisure complexes and the numerous organized events form the present urban environment and support the city with huge touristic interest.

Last few years Plovdiv grows not only as a cultural, but also as an industrial center of the country. The region forms a remarkable economic and investment growth. Six economical zones were established in the city periphery, the business activity is in the IT and outsourcing sectors, production of metals, machinery and equipment, automotive industry etc.

The esteem of the city as an attractive destination to visit and live in comes with numerous participations and awards in local and international ratings for best destinations in Bulgaria, Balkans, Eastern Europe, Europe and worldwide, among which the below three are a reason for real pride and a ground for further efforts on the long-term strategies of the establishing of modern urban vision:


Winner, European culture capital 2019, EU

3rd place, European best destinations 2016,  EBD

6th place, World best destinations 2015, Lonely planet


future –

The aim of the maintainance and development of the city as local and European cultural center presently has the great opportunity in the strategic framework of the project European culture capital 2019.

The plan is upto 500 culture projects to be held on a territory of 20 000 sqm, around 2 million participants, visitors, performers, organizers to be involved from the country and abroad. Until 2020 Plovdiv will spend not less than 50 million euro for the preparation and realization of the cultural program. Additionally EU funds will be released for improving of the infrastructure – cultural objects, roads, parks etc.

The local government and the non-governmental sector set the aim to go beyond the original ideas or cultural events on unusual places and pure economic growth as a result of the initiative. Through the concept of this project, multiple priorities are identified and planned to be fulfilled – to integrate the marginalized social groups, to transform the urban space in an ambience, supporting togetherness, to lead to heritage revival, thus to common identity, to connect the history with the modernity, to transform the city and citizens by city development and education, to help us to manage to relax by promotion of sustainable way of life, respecting nature.



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